About Us

skyscrapersSince 1990, Orswell & Kasman, Inc. has been dedicated to providing professional environmental consulting services, that are personalized to meet the individual needs and requirements of each client.  We specialize in serving the lending, real estate and legal industries.

Orswell & Kasman, Inc. specializes in preparing Phase I Environmental Assessment reports.  We understand the need for property owners and prospective purchasers to perform their due diligence (“All Appropriate Inquiry”) in order to qualify for the Innocent Landowner Defense under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).   We do not perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, therefore we do not have a conflict of interest in recommending additional studies or testing.  Our reports are written in clear and easy to understand language.

Orswell & Kasman, Inc. can meet the of our clients by providing ASTM Environmental Site Transaction Screen reports, Environmental Transaction Analysis reports, Historic Use reports, Environmental Records Research reports, and Records Search with Risk Assessment reports.

Building owners, real estate professionals, and lenders need to know if a building contains asbestos, in order to take the appropriate measures to manage or abate the material.  As a California Certified Asbestos Consultant, we prepare asbestos survey reports, and conduct bulk sampling for asbestos containing materials (ACM).  Samples of suspected materials are sent to a certified asbestos laboratory, where they are examined to determine whether or not the suspected material contains asbestos.  All inspections are conducted by USEPA/AHERA accredited personnel, and the survey results are available in less than a week.

In addition, Orswell & Kasman, Inc. provides environmental investigative services to develop information concerning previous site use.  Locating and reviewing records, obtaining historical aerial photographs, and identifying, locating and interviewing potential witnesses, are some of the types of investigative services that are provided to attorneys, government agencies, and insurance companies.